Custom Printed Wallpaper

Custom printed wallpaper.

Your dream, your design.

Get away from the boring paint work, custom printed wallpaper is the way to go and create that unique atmosphere that is currently missing in your room.

Use your favorite image, This can be from a holiday, your engagement or even one of your children’s drawings to create your own personalised wallpaper. We digitally print your design onto wallpaper and are able to apply it directly to your wall. That’s right, no glue, no mess and no seams. 

Want to give the office a bespoke touch? Have a custom designed wallpaper put up to give off the right feel when your employees comes back to the office. 

Seamless Custom Wallpaper

Our custom printed wallpaper doesn’t require extra glue or large seams, our designers carefully craft a design with as little seam as needed, to give you the ultimate look.

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